Once you log in to the OIPE system and enroll in a course, your are to complete an initial assessment that seeks to ascertain your knowledge about the module you are about to take. This will help the student to know what to expect and how to correctly engage the learning experience for maximum benefit. YOU ARE TO TAKE THIS TEST BEFORE YOU GO ON TO REVIEW THE MODULE.


Upon completion of the review of the module you enrolled in, the next step is to take a final assessment to help confirm your understanding of the module. This will give you the opportunity to go over the module and if necessary retake the test to further confirm your appreciation of the module.


You are required to take the following mandatory modules which are considered to be fundamental to HIVcare.
The completion of these modules will solidify your basic appreciation of what IOPE seeks to equip you
with and prepare your for further learning.


Participant  are invited to choose any other modules (from the remaining 13 listed), in addition to the required modules, to ensure that they are exposed to a variety of knowledge domains and interprofessional practice strategies.


A certificate shall be awarded you upon successful completion of 8 modules (4 required, and 4 optional), to attest to
the training you have attained in HIVcare with OIPE – KNUST